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Nowa Tradycja is a company which was founded in 2000 in the north-west part of Poland in the city of Szczecin. We are glad that we have been operating with a success on the home market and also abroad.
We are proud of our achievements which are the summary of many things. Hard work, loyal co-operation with our business partners, eternal principles, professionalism, punctuality and highest quality are one of them. Satisfied customer is our highest priority.

The Nowa Tradycja company is divided into two main profiles of bussiness activity. First is production and servieces provided by our dynamically developing sewing work-room. Second is retail and services in our haberdasheries and craft shops in the city of Szczecin.


The Nowa Tradycja employs 10 people and 7 of them work in sewing workroom. We pay attention to improve skills of our employees all the time. We also modernize the facilities and machines to be always ready to provide the best quality. At the moment we are co-operating mainly with severe companies from Scandinavia.


A lot of our customers have turned embroidering and craft works into theirs passion. We have organised training courses in our shops to teach people different techniques of embroidering, improve their skills and show new designs and patterns. Thereafter we were awarded by famous companies like: DMC and COATS Poland as one of the best supplied specialist haberdasheries in the country.